Here at Serious Sticks, we do our utmost to provide you with a range of the very best didjeridus we can find, at very competitive prices. Our lower-priced instruments are included deliberately in our selection in order both to promote the work of less well known craftsmen and not to deny customers with a tighter budget the chance to experience the real thing. We sell only 100% authentic instruments, made by Aborigines who have the didjeridu as part of their cultural tradition.

The instruments are sold just the way we get them, though as we make every effort to maintain their optimum condition, it may in some cases be necessary to effect minor repairs or other treatments.

We provide extensive advice to customers on selecting instruments, adjusting mouthpieces, maintenance and storage etc. Feel free to contact us anytime with queries (in English or German) of whatever nature. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are located in Switzerland. We have no shop premises. We sell directly from our homes.


John Macdonald is an ex-editor of Didgeridoo & Co Magazine, and initiator and webmaster of, which networks didjeridu sites worldwide. He also works as a freelance German to English translator. John, an Englishman, lives with his family in an old farmhouse in a little village in Switzerland. When he is not writing about, talking about, playing, building or selling didjeridus, his favourite pastime is snowboarding.

Christian Som is likewise an editor and translator for DIdgeridoo & Co. Magazine. Christian is Swiss, and lives with his family in Zürich. As a studied biologist, there's not much he doesn't know about eucalyptus and termites. With previous hobbies such as breeding poison-arrow frogs and collecting malt whiskies, his new passion for the didjeridu failed to surprise anyone much. His main interest lies in the playing technique for traditional styles and the cultural background of the yidaki. So he takes the authenticity of instruments very seriously. However, his family are quick to remind him that there are one or two other things that he has to take seriously in his life ;-)