Djalu Gurruwiwi - Rripangu Yidaki
Diltjimurru trilogy
Vol. 1Diltjimurru
Vol. 2Garrimala ga Rangimurru
Vol. 3Garrimala ga Warrarra
SamplesExcerpt from Diltjimurru
Vols 1-3, Complete Trilogy.
Price: CHF 68.- inc. worldwide shipping
Vols 2&3 only (for those who own "Diltjimurru" already)
Price: CHF 46.- inc. worldwide shipping
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Five years after the recordings took place, now finally available: the complete Djalu Gurruwiwi - Rripangu Yidaki trilogy.

After the legendary Rripangu Festival 2002 in Eisenbach, Germany, Djalu Gurruwiwi took the opportunity to record a complete Galpu song cycle together with his family, to document and preserve a part of his clan's heritage for posterity.

The first part of the trilogy was available shortly afterwards in limited quantities but was soon sold out. The complete trilogy has now been released and we're happy to be able to offer this unique document and cultural testimony.

Excellent study material for yidaki players with an interest in traditional techniques and a definitive contribution to musical and cultural heritage.

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