Jeremy Cloake - Balanda Yidaki Dhukarr
26-29Listening and Responding Exercises
42-50Yidaki Solos
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"Balanda Yidaki Dhukarr means non-aboriginal Yidaki path. I chose that name for this Yidaki tuition cd as the information here is primarily about teaching an appropriate direction for non-aboriginal people who are interested in learning to play Yidaki, or what is commonly referred to as traditional style [...] Over the past seven years I have been following that dhukarr and as a result I have developed my own style of Yidaki playing. My Yidaki playing style is inspired by and derived from Yolngu Yidaki playing from Arnhemland: therefore it sounds similar, but it is not the same."

On this CD, Jeremy Cloake teaches parts of his Yidaki playing style through sharing a detailed explanation of a set of individual, phrases and composition techniques that he uses. The information on this cd is not traditional and should not be referred to in this way. it should be seen as a non-Yolngu perspective on Yidaki, constituting a set of tools particularly relevant to non-Yolngu players in the development of their own Yidaki playing style.

Jeremy Cloake is regarded by many as one of the worlds most innovative, powerful and accomplished non-aboriginal Yidaki players. He studied Yolngu Yidaki with master Yidaki players and makers in North East Arnhemland for 4 years, where he further developed his unique style of playing

Whilst living in Arnhemland, he worked at Buku Larrnggay Mulka art centre, primarily as a Yidaki specialist. Whilst there he won two prestigious awards from the Northern Territory Government on behalf of the arts centre. These awards recognised his work together with the Yidaki makers in developing the international Yidaki industry.

Each exercise comes with a detailed description of the applied technique and illustrations of tongue positions. This CD is highly recommended as a complement to the "Hard Tongue Didgeridoo CD" but of course also on its own right. It provides beginners and experienced players who are interested in recreating traditional playing sounds with new tips and inspirations.

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