02-05Ex. 1witj-dju
06-10Ex. 2dith-dhu
11-16Ex. 3dhirrl
17-21Ex. 4dhirrl-lo
22-25Ex. 5dith-dhu dirrl
26-28Ex. 6dith-dhu dirrl dirrl
29-32Ex. 7dup
33-35Ex. 8dup dhirrl
36-38Ex. 9dup-pu dhirrl dhirrl
39-41Ex. 10dup-pu dhirrl
dup-pu dup_pu dhirrl dhirrl
45-47dith-dhu dirrl dirrl improv
Samples06 Dith Dhu.mp3              10 Dith-dhu fast.mp3
07 Dith-dhu slow.mp3     46 Dit-dhu Dhirrl Dhirrl jam2.mp3
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"Yolngu people of Northeast Arnhem Land call the didgeridoo yidaki. Their ngängarr-däl, or hard tongue style has been called the hardest didge playing to learn. On this CD, Milkayngu Mununggurr, ceremonial yidaki player and original member of the band Yothu Yindi, distills yidaki playing to the basics. Voice instructions and descriptive liner notes accompany simple exercises in all the essential tongue motions. Rhythms are recorded at various speeds, with both the sound of the yidaki and the breathing audible. If you play didgeridoo and have struggled to learn the Yolngu yidaki playing style, this is the primer you need. Play along!"

This CD represents the fulfillment of a long-standing dream at Serious Sticks. At last we are able to offer an authentic teaching CD which makes it possible for anyone who's interested in traditional techniques to acquire an optimal foundation. The CD comes from no less than Milkay(ngu) Mununggurr, one of today's most outstanding yidaki players and makers.

InstructionsThe CD is accompanied by a booklet that illustrates and explains all the tongue positions and movements. Translations of the booklet into several languages (currently French, German, Italian, Castellano and Japanese with more to come) are available on the internet, a link to the translations is indicated in the booklet.

The CD is a perfect companion to our instruments and a must for everyone who concern themselves with traditional playing.

We are honoured to be the exclusive suppliers of "Hard Tongue Didgeridoo" for Europe. An article on the production of this CD has been published in the July 2005 edition of Didgeridoo & Co Magazine. You can find the text of the article here.

The CD is now available and we will process orders for "Hard Tongue Didgeridoo" immediately. Resellers (Europe only): please enquire with us for terms and conditions.

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