02Darryl talks about "The Bomb", David Blanasi
03Darryl talks about the Mago
04Mimi made that Mago
06Di Ta
07Di Ta Mor
08The Single Breath
09Song #1 Gudek The Goanna
10Play along with Gudek
11Di Ta Mor, varying tempi
12Song #2 Manngalinji The Yam
13Play along with Manngalinji
14David and darryl discuss the single breath. Song #3 Mimih Spirit
15Di Ta Mor-Debor
16The Double Breath
17Song #4 Two Days' Sleep
18Play along with Two Days' Sleep
19Song #5 Muk Muk The Owl.
20Play along with Muk Muk
21Double breath, varying tempi
22Single breath and double breath mixed
23Following Mannbelinj, the rhythm sticks
24Di Ta Mor and Di Ta Mor-Debor, sung
25Single breath and double breath interwoven
26The Mago part sung and then played
27You got to listen to that Devil
28Where the first Mago came from
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I was playing Mago beside that old Juggayi (Law Man), David Yirrindili, at ceremony making young man business (initiation) and all of these elders were sitting down listening including my Grandfather. He was listening and said, "I\'m getting old and I want someone to take over so I will hand this one on to you son, you play very well, so one day I will hand this Mago business over to you. You will take over from me." All the family were really happy for me.

In this way David Blanasi, the greatest exponent of the Kunborrk tradition in living memory, appointed Darryl as his successor.

Darryl Dikarrna, Blanasi's grandson, carries on his tradition with style and confidence, and recorded this brand new, classy teaching CD. Competent studio recording/mastering coupled with professional graphic design and layout.

The Western Arnhem Land mago has been neglected for too long, and this new CD brings new perspectives to the ancient Gunborg tradition of which the late David Blanasi was a world-renowned exponent.

Comprising of tuition, solo demonstrations, mouth sounds, explanations and stories in the Kuninjku and English language, and the full emsemble of voice, clapsticks and mago accompaniment, this is a must-have CD for all didgeridoo enthusiasts looking for cultural insight and technical advancement. 6 pages of liner notes. Of special interest is the story of the special Djunggirriny often talked about by Djalu Gurruwiwi.

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