Maker : Marikuku Wirrpanda
Ref : 173
Key : F
1st Toot : G#
Length : 131 cm
Weight : kg 
Bell Ø : 70 x 68 mm   Photos of Mouthpiece and Bell
Mouthpiece Ø : 28 x 28 mm   Photos of Mouthpiece and Bell
For Sale : CHF 720.-   Currency converter for prices
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Marikuku#2 of the Dhudi-Djapu Clan is one of the most productive young yidaki makers from the Dhalinbuy area. This instrument, which sports extraordinary artwork and an attractive shape, is a real all-rounder. Played in traditional style, it reveals a harmonious sound with plenty of bass and a brilliant top-end, high backpressure, tempo and that typical "Arnhemland growl". Played Western style, crystal clear overtones with razor-sharp definition shine forth. Any way you want to play it, this instrument pumps it out just fine.   MP3

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